Our offer

Our specialization

The main business activity of ENERGOP company is the prefabrication of complete high-, medium- and low-pressure pipelines and transmission pipelines for the power, petrochemical and chemical industries, as well as for industrial building construction and the extractive industry for oil platforms.

In addition, our offer includes:

  • pipeline elements (bends, hangers and supports)
  • pressure and non-pressure rectangular and circular vessels, made of carbon steels, alloy steels, austenitic steels and other Duplex-type steels
  • absorbers for the flue gas desulfurization plant
  • reactors for the flue gas denitration plant
  • reactors for the water degassing stations in power plants
  • structures for the offshore industry
  • main and auxiliary structures
  • flue gas and air ducts

What is important, ENERGOP Sp. z o.o. provides also assembly services within the aforementioned production profile.