The flagship of ENERGOP is welding process realized in the following methods: 141, 111, 136, 135, 121. All welding works are performed by highly qualified and fully licensed welders.

ENERGOP Sp. z o.o. has TIG welding machines, semi-automatic STT welding machines, semi-automatic MIG/MAG machines, automatic submerged-arc welding machines as well as technology and AXXAIR machine for orbital welding of piping.

In accordance with PN-EN ISO 15608, the Company is adapted for welding the following groups of materials:

  • steels from material groups 1-10 with particular emphasis on alloy, stainless and duplex steels,
  • nickel alloys (incoloy) gr. 43,
  • titanium alloys gr. 51,
  • copper alloys (copper-nickel) gr. 34.

Energop possesses over 200 welding technologies (WPQR), approved by Notified Bodies, for the mentioned material groups and welding methods.


Energop poses a modern welders training center. This is a fully equipped place for:

  • performing welding samples,
  • performing tests of welders,
  • testing skills of external welders,
  • training new employees,
  • improving skills of welders employed in the Company.